Representation of

Introduction of Ticksy


The objective of the system is to generate the ticket to the visitors and with respect to this the billing must be generated, and once the visitor completes its journey, at the time of exit on gate the exit mechanism should be introduced to have proper counting of visitor that how many went in and how many are out.

Features of Organization


The Exponent offers two types of packages: Single and Combo. Each destination in a single package can have multiple sub-destination and each sub-destination has its own separate article and article configuration. And a combo package is a set of multiple single destinations. And user don’t need to select sub-destination while selecting combo package, because by default it selects all sub-destination of all destination.


In Ticksy, each unit which can be sold by the organization is considered as an Article. And these Articles have a coast or fare, which is defined by Article Configurations.

These are the following actions which organization can perform:

  • Create New Article Configurations
  • View Existing Configurations
  • Edit Configurations
  • Inactive/Active Configurations


Offer is one of the best feature. Earlier we discussed about article configuration, which defines fare of articles. But what if occasionally we need to give discount or hike from the base fare. Than offers comes in, which is used to set the offer on any Destination-Group or Sub-Destination.

There is four predefined offer types, which are as follows_

  • Event
  • Fixed Amount
  • Quantity
  • Week-Days